School Projects

This page contains a random assortment of projects I worked on during my graduate and undergraduate studies. Most of my graduate courses were project based. My undergraduate mathematics, chemistry, and physics courses consisted of graded assessments, while other classes were more paper, lab report, and project based. Below are some examples of the work I did in some of these classes.


Graduate School Projects


Undergraduate Projects


Astrophysics Interactive HR Diagram

This model was made using Easy Java Simulations and features an HR diagram with a star whose radius and mass is pliable. The main screen displays an HR diagram with a circular star that moves around the graph depending on its calculated temperature and luminosity; the size of the circle depends on the radius of the star, and the color depends on its spectral classification, ergo its effective temperature. If you click the image to the left, you will automatically download my project. I am working on getting it to run on the web server without the need for a download.

Plant Physiology Term Project


At the end of the semester my team and I wrote a term paper describing the effects of climate change on plant life. We then made a video explaining the more important aspects of the paper. The video was made using animation from the Bob's Burgers series and voiceover done by my teammates and I.

Plant Physiology Debate Project

During the semester we were divided into teams and given a topic to debate. My team and I were given the opposing side to Why Plants Are Intelligent, and therefore we created a paper and a presentation outlining the reasons why plants are not intelligent. 

Western Civilization 2 Historical Analysis Papers

I wrote two different historical analysis papers during my last semester at FIT, one was about the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and the other was about The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell. Both papers explore the correlation between the novel's content and the time period in which it was written. These papers are good samples of my writing skills.

Sci-tech Communication Final Project

The final project in the Science and Technical Communication class consisted of creating a media platform for a volunteer project called Through Eyes of Children (T.E.C.) based in Nicaragua. My group and I created a booklet, video, and social media pages. I contributed to the written information in the booklet and made the video displayed below.

Laboratory Reports and Papers

These are an assortment of Lab Reports and Term Papers I wrote for a variety of classes. These are good examples of my scientific writing skills while working against the clock.