During my time at Florida Institute of Technology I was a Varsity Coxswain for the Women's and Men's Rowing Teams. A coxswain's job is to talk to the rowers while they are on the water, execute practice as described by the head coach, motivate the rowers, steer the boat, and make all of the decisions during a race. In order to be a successful coxswain one must be able to make quick and confident decisions, be organized and meticulous, have a good relationship with the coaching staff, know the weather forecast and comprehend how it relates to water and wind currents, and understand each rower profoundly in order successfully motivate them.

FIT Woman's Rowing Team

I started coxing my freshman year of college on the Florida Tech Woman's Rowing Team. We had daily practice from 5:30am to 7:30am six days per week, and weightlifting sessions in the afternoon three times per week. The Florida Tech Woman's Rowing team is small, and we usually only completed three or four boats. My first year I coxed the Freshman/Novice Four, we did well for a boat full of novices, but unfortunately one of our rowers suffered an injury and we were not able to finish our season. My second year I became the Varsity Four coxswain, we had a rough start due to some rower incompatibilities, but we slowly overcame the technical differences and became an efficient and powerful boat. We managed to make it to the Dad Vail Regatta Finals. Below is a video of one of the most impressive sprints I have ever coxed, the rowers committed entirely to the last 250 meters of the race and demonstrated amazing power and flow.

FIT Men's Rowing Team

I left the woman's rowing team during the Fall of 2014 and joined the men's team for the spring season. The men's team is an incredibly successful crew that consistently wins the most important regattas. Coxing for the men's team was a completely dissimilar experience; they required different motivation techniques, they practiced at more comfortable times, preformed distinct drills, and were a much easier group to handle overall, despite the increase in rigorous expectations.