Rock Climbing and Mountaineering

I have always been a diligent hiker due to the fact that I grew up in the mountainous region of Northern Mexico. I thoroughly enjoy being outdoors and exploring the natural world around me. I started rock climbing during my senior year of high school, and continued climbing throughout college, despite Florida's notorious flatness. I mostly climbed at the indoor gym near FIT. There are various types of rock climbing, varying in levels of difficulty and danger. The style of rock climbing I participate in is sports climbing, which simply means I follow pre-established routes that rely on permanent anchors fixed to the rock. I also practice bouldering when in the indoor gym, bouldering consists of much shorter routes that do not require ropes or harnesses. 

I was drawn to rock climbing because of the synergy between the sport and the mountains. Climbing requires a combination of technical, physical, and problem solving skills entirely unique to the sport. In order to successfully complete a route the climber must plan out and solve the climb before attacking it, then meticulously execute the climb to the best of the climber's ability. Rock climbing challenges me both physically and mentally while allowing me to set goals for my self and actively pursue them outdoors.